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In this section you will find various applications of the ASEF corporate identity for print. 

Size 450 x 320 mm
Print CMYK, 1 side

Size 257 mm x 182 mm
Print CMYK, 2 Side


Press Releases – GUIDELINES


2017_Template – Note to Editor.docx


2017_Template – Press Release.docx

Size 210 mm x 297 mm
Print CMYK, 1 Side




Size 210 mm x 297 mm
Print CMYK, 1 Side




Size 89 mm x 40 mm Print CMYK, 1 Side

Size 210 mm x 297 mm
Print CMYK, 1 Side




Size 210 mm x 297 mm
Print CMYK, 1 Side




Size 210 mm x 297 mm
Print CMYK, 1 Side

To enhance internal communication, the instruments and procedures below are in place.

They should ensure that:

  • the appropriate communication tool is used for our messages;
  • the objective and nature of our communication is clearer;
  • our communication efforts are more effective.
    The following documents should be used for formal, internal communication:

1.  Memos
To be used by ASEF Staff as internal notes (within a Department or between Departments) for the record (more formal than an email; other staff or departments concerned can be Cc);

2.  Proposals
To be used by ASEF Staff for all issues which require approval by ASEF Management (all requests linked to financial, human resource related or legal matters).

Proposals have to be attached to routing slips and are vetted and signed by a Director.

3. Staff Notices
To be issued by ASEF Management (ED/DED/Directors) to some or all ASEF Staff for information.

4. Directives
To be issued by ASEF Top Management (ED/DED) to communicate all new policies, guidelines and instructions related to managerial, financial, human resource or project related matters, which require compliance.

Directives will be uploaded by EO on ASEF Connect > Common Documents > Executive Office and will be incorporated in the ASEF Staff Manual and other policy updates.


2017 – ROUTING MEMO.docx


2017 – PROPOSAL.docx




2017 – ASEF DIRECTIVE.docx

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