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ASEF Typeface

ASEF Typeface

In this section you will find guidelines regarding the use of ASEF’s corporate font, Franklin Gothic.

All ASEF published collaterals should be designed using the font family of ITC Franklin Gothic.

ITC Franklin Gothic font family is quite comprehensive, with a variety of styles and weights to satisfy most design needs.

They are also quite widely available on most computer systems.

Samples of some weight and styles are provided here.

Information and rules on typographic formatting for specific purposes, i.e. headlines, bullets, subheads, flowing text and specified kerning is suggested for consideration. This will help provide a unified look for publications in particular. 

Information and rules on typographic formatting for specific purposes, i.e. headlines, bullets, subheads, flowing text, and specified kerning is suggested for consideration. This will help provide a unified look for publications in particular. 

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